Late Night Evening Swedish Bus Port System Administrator

Good Saturday, all:

I’m typing this from the central bus/train station in Gothenburg. Furniture: 5 stars. Floors: 5 stars. Outlets: N/A. Heating: 3 stars, considering how cold it is outside, but I’d still call it cold in here.

I’m on my way to play a show in Stockholm tonight (at Hus 7 with Freja the Dragon and Sticky Baby) and I had some time between shuffling around with all the other cold people while we wait to transfer and writing an essay about Edouard Machery‘s ideas as applied to media theory. And I used that time to finally get the Supporter Access part of this website working. (I HOPE!)

As an example, the two posts below this one are locked and accessible only to people with accounts, which can be obtained here. These posts contain links to full session files of old abandoned E.X tracks that are nevertheless interesting for one reason or another. I have hundreds of these and I’m interested to see what people will find useful in them.

There is also a very bare-bones, currently-somewhat-neglected Comms area. I’ll be using that more regularly starting this weekend and showing up for an office hours kind of situation in a Zoom-like room where we can talk about whatever. Most people who expressed interest in this idea seemed to want to talk about music production techniques and lyrics, but I’m happy to talk about anything on y’all’s minds.

Right now it’s a very very small group of about a dozen registered users. This is wild, though, because other than putting the tabs up on the website a few months ago I have never posted about Supporter Access or made any effort whatsoever to get people to sign up. That’ll change gradually over the next few weeks as I continue to smooth out the sign-up process + as I feel more confident that the subscribers to feel like they’re getting value out of the experience.

It’s a work in progress but feel free to jump in to early days.

Love from a Swedish bus port,


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