D.C. Friends: I am furious and sad to inform you that about 60 minutes after I landed in the U.S. a freight train threw sparks that lit forest fires near Metropark, NJ and shut down all rail traffic in the northeast corridor for the night.

I am stuck in Newark, safe with friends but really really annoyed that the first night of my transit-themed tour starts with a transit-caused cancellation. The only silver lining is that the song that’s gonna come out of this will be SOMETHING.

Anyone who has tickets to tonight’s show at @PieShopDC can email me ( with a screen cap of your ticket and your mailing address and you’ll get a special surprise in the mail. I will also inform you ASAP when this show gets reschduled.

Hey @musicofeyelids — have an amazing show, and please if you remember announce this thing about the ticketholders getting a free surprise next week if you’re not too busy blowing everyone’s minds.

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