Gettin’ the Blog Back Together

Just typing a quick public stream-of-consciousness paragraph to shake something stuck inside me loose. It turns out trying to start a new initiative at the start of a major geopolitical shift is hard. It’s even harder when the geopolitical shift is also a so-called vibe shift. Things are DIFFERENT now, y’all, at least they are for me. The war, sure, that, but other things too. Figuring out what the best human response to the world I live in has never been more challenging or seemed more important. I felt like I was on autopilot while putting out The Lakes of Zones B and C. I trusted instinct and clicked upload. It was necessary for me to feel this way; Lena said on Day 11343123 of the war, which never really leaves our minds because we have a lot of Ukrainians in our lives, that we can only be of assistance to anyone on the outside of our calm peaceful Eurobubble if we both help them AND continue to do the work of making life here meaningful and good. That’s the only antidote to depressive nihilism I’ve found that works project, project, project, act with ferocity, project again, repeat.

Click publish despite embarrassment. Hello again!

(To everyone who has written about this support mechanism, my paid services, and the long-delayed songbooks, I ask for another week of patience. I will reply to your queries very soon.)



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