Philosophy Poll Results from 15 November 2022

I posted this on Twitter earlier this week. I respond to the results below..


We agree, 64.7% majority “free will exists” voters. For now I’m convinced by libertarian arguments (not in the political sense of course; I mean libertarian as opposed to compatibilism or determinism.) Don’t know what flavor (event-causal, agent-causal, etc.) yet. Working on it.


We agree, 27.4% minority “God exists” voters. I see an uncaused universe as implausible. “What caused God then?” It’s God, all the way up. This is my most teleological opinion; I hereby submit myself to the philosophy cops for interrogation, during which I will behave very badly.


We agree, 54% majority “non-bio. consc. is possible” voters. We exist; physical consciousness is clearly possible. No principle rules out other physical forms. This is NOT a reductive position. Less “we’re not special,” more “we’re special, and many other things COULD BE special.”

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