Free-Associative Aphorism

2022.07.29.H: I’m not sure if that’s the right name for what I’m writing but it’s a good working start. The biggest struggle when figuring out how to output frothing brain contents is finding an appropriate format. I’m mostly not writing essays on this blog. I’m mostly not making arguments or spouting polemic or weaving narrative. I think I’ll stick with this. I think I’ll call it free-associative aphorism, in deliberate spite of the fact that they are neither truly free-associative nor aphorisms. The format is defined as follows: a short numbered burst of text which contains a coherent thought and possibly hyperlink context, in chain with other similar text blocks whose relationship is free-associative, that is, not explicitly rational. A larger rational narrative may become visible only after writing the text-blocks, but no effort is to be made to connect them for the reader. The post below is an example. (Don’t worry, kind blog viewer. This is not the only way I’m going to communicate with the world.)

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