Sitrep: 31 August 2022 // Luxor, Köln, DE (opening for Lucy Dacus)

photo courtesy R. Lagomasino

Woke up:
5:00 a.m., in Berlin

Journey time:
9 hours.

half of a börek my friend Sebastien gave me.

Incidents of note on journey:

  • It’s a long story and I’m not going into the whole thing here. Let it suffice to say that I was carrying my contact lens in a shot glass with duct tape on it for most of the day, and it kept leaking into the backpack. Finally got a real case in Köln.
  • On the walk back to Köln HBF after the show, I took a wrong turn and walked in a huge circle around central Köln. Lots of partying college kids were about, doing boring loud things.

Soundperson’s name/shirt color:
Boris/light brown

False Metal
Freeway in Heaven
Wasted on the Senate Floor
Sad React
Compressor Repair (request)
Erica Western Teleport
The Magnetic Media Storage Practices of Rural Pakistan
The Anthem of the Greater McMurdo Station Chamber of Commerce
…some others I’m forgetting

Incidents of note during performance:
In “…Rural Pakistan” I sometimes stomp on the floor on 1/4 notes at the end while I say “GONE. GONE. GONE.” to exhaustion. The stomping sounds like this: BLAM, BLAM, BLAM, BLAM. This works best on a wooden or metal stage with a hollow cavity beneath, which is usually true. I wanted to do that tonight, too. But some stages are solid, and when you stomp on them, it just sounds like this: pt, pt, pt, pt. I didn’t check what kind of stage I was dealing with before the show, and I really go for it to stomp, and I’m being all dramatic and wrapped up in the song, and when the beat hits…pt, pt, pt. I just screamed louder though, it was fine.

I missed an opportunity to steal an avocado from the Lucy Dacus dressing room so it was just bread and a piece of ginger while I walked.

3:30 a.m., on train. Slept great. 10/10.

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