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Supporters get access to the Comms page, which contains an ICQ-style chat room and a Zoom-style video conference with occasional scheduled topic-focused meetups.

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People who sign up in any given week will be added on Saturday morning, before the upload of that week’s stems.
I receive new supporter subscriptions on a rolling basis throughout the week. If you want faster access for some reason feel free to write me at and I’ll do my best to get you in sooner.

Last Updated: Sunday 19 March 2023

All times are listed as Eastern Standard/Daylight Time, i.e. whatever time it is in New York City. UK add five hours, Central Europe add six hours, West Coast U.S. subtract three hours, etc.

Daily (Time Varies)

I check and answer as much as I can on the Comms channel. This will be treated like a rolling AMA. So ask me anything. Suggestions:

  • Scan recent blog posts and ask me to discuss something further if it interests you.
  • Post tracks either by you or another artist to discuss together, focusing on lyrics, music theory, or audio production.
  • Post links to essays or books you have been reading for us to discuss.
  • Prompt general discussion of something that has been of interest to you lately — music theory concept, or a poetic technique, or a philosophical idea.
  • Ask me a really dumb question that will annoy me into a possibly-interesting response.

Every Saturday, +/- 07:00 (7:00am) Eastern

Just in time for the weekend, I upload new archival stems or draft masters to play with, along with a text description and/or a video walkthrough.

  • Download Reaper to play along as I do in the walkthrough videos, or import them in your own DAW of choice.
  • Import the stems, scan through them, and adjust them to the point of unrecognizability for use in your own music/sound design via pitch and/or speed shift, reversing, abrupt chopping, heavy EQ, etc.
  • Upload your results if they’re interesting and post links in the Comms channel or in the weekly video chat.
  • Write me if you come up with something you want to release to the public and we’ll talk about what that means royalty-wise. (Click here to learn more about that.)

Every Sunday, at exactly 21:00 (9:00pm) Eastern

I turn on the chat room link below. Click it and you’ll be taken to the supporter-only room. Suggestions:

  • Treat this like the Comms channel but in real time.
  • People tend to be shy in these things so if no one talks I’ll just be there messing around with some new song. You can do the same. When an idea strikes you that might be fun to share with the group, unmute your mic and say hi.
  • Upload your music and post a link so we can all listen to it together.